Rugby Innovation USA 2017 Speakers

Steve Cohen

Founder & President, National Small College Rugby Organization (NSCRO)

More than 45 years of experience as a player, coach, club administrator, union administrator at the local, territorial and national levels, referee and referee’s society administrator (at the local, territorial and national levels).

Publisher of Schenectady Reds RFC club newsletter (1973 to 1976), Midwest Rugby Referees Society newsletter “In Touch” (1981 to 1983) and EPRU collegiate newsletter “Keystone Collegiate Communicator” (1991 to 2002). Since 1978, event coverage and article contributor to Rugby Magazine.

Founder and organizer of East Coast Division 2 Collegiate Rugby Championships in 1992 (Men and Women). In 1997, established National Division 2 Men’s Collegiate Championship and faciliated USA Rugby’s creation of a Division 2 National Collegiate Playoff System in 1998 (Men) and 1999 (Women)

Founder and organizer of East Coast Division 3 Collegiate Rugby Championships (2002 for Men and 2003 for Women) which led to the creation of NSCRO in 2007. NSCRO governs nearly 350 Men’s and Women’s Small Colleges and operates independently with USA Rugby recognition and support. NSCRO provides 5 different men’s and women’s National playoff systems (for both 15s and 7s).
Initiated and distributed (nationally) “Safety Precaution Recommendations” in 1995, “Making Rugby Safer” in 1998 and “Safer Rugby Program” in 2008 to promote and encourage safe rugby practices with input and support of medical and sports safety professionals. Created and organized annual player safety clinic for the EPRU.